Location: Sandy Point Town, St. Kitts

One’s first voyage is definitely one for the books. After my first night shift, I can say I learned a few new constellations. However whether it was due to a sudden fascination in astrology or a attempt to push away sea sickness is up to debate. When ‘Watch Team 3’ was woken up at 6 AM for our morning watch we were greeted with a much calmer ocean than the Poseidon like waves from the night before (author’s note: this is a drastic exaggeration due to my earlier lack of sea legs). As the sun started to show we noticed a group of dolphins were following along side us, giving us a sunrise that could easily be placed on a postcard from the island gift shop. It was a strange experience, looking off into the horizon with no land in sight, but every time we could see land off in the distance gave us hope. To ease any worry it wasn’t that we were off course, our navigation skills are going great, but we’ve all seen Castaway and I haven’t found a volleyball on the ship yet. Our sailing and watch teams continued throughout the afternoon with some throwback 90’s music accompanying our voyage. After dinner some of us went to bed, not being able to tell exactly what time we would be arriving in St.Kitts. A wave of excitement came as we were woken up at 9:30 with news that we were ready to anchor in St.Kitts! I don’t know if any of us even noticed the light rain as we anchored. St.Kitts was glowing with lights as we made our arrival after roughly 30 hours of sailing. I’m sure we will all have a great night’s sleep in anticipation to explore another island in the morning.