Location: En Route to St Kitts!

We woke up today with the plan to spend some time ashore, prior to embarking on our longest passage to date. After eating scrambled eggs for breakfast, the crew used the dinghies to ferry us to Road Town, the capital of Tortola. Rather than stay in a large pack, as we have done on our past excursions to shore, most of us opted to split off into smaller groups to visit the town. The next three hours were spent on a number of different activities, ranging from trying to find WiFi to shopping for gifts for loved ones. A few of us made it to Tortola’s world-renown Botanic Gardens, a far cry from Buchard or Villandry, but beautiful nonetheless. One in the group even managed to hitch a ride from a kind local, affording him an outstanding view of the bay from atop one of Road Town’s many summits. After stocking up on some snacks for the upcoming passage, we slowly made our way back to Ocean Star. Following lunch, Jack proceeded to brief us on our duties during the passage, which would include night watches and checks of the engine room. Hoisting up the sails meant we were quickly off to the races, towards our destination of St. Kitts and Nevis. A total of three watch teams afforded us on a rather simple schedule; three hours on and six hours off. The night watches were quite spectacular, almost as amazing as Emma juggling pots and pans in the kitchen while cooking a delicious chili dinner for us!