Location: Underway to Gibraltar

Today, July 30th, the 24th day of our 40-day expedition was another successful day of passage towards our next stop of Gibraltar. The crew of Argo woke up to a stormy overcast sky that was sure to make the next 24 hours very wet and make us feel groggy. As expected, from around 8 am to 2 pm, Argo faced heavy rain and rough seas. The swells that we encountered today were far larger than any others we have encountered. We hoped the stormy weather would bring strong winds that would allow us to sail, and although it did, they were not consistent enough to make raising the sails worth it. Apart from the stormy weather and harsher seas, today was undoubtedly another fun and cheerful day in the books. Spirits remain at an all-time high in the group as the thought of approaching a new body of land awakens the hope for further adventures. You can walk any place on the boat and find groups constantly laughing and enjoying themselves, which increases the quickness of this next passage towards the Mediterranean. On top of that, Dylan, our head chef today, cooked an amazing lunch and dinner. Today’s dinner was an Asian style chicken with peanut sauce that we had previously on the passage to the Azores. It proved to be so tasty the first time that having it a second time became a necessity. Also, today, the crew of Argo saw what seemed to be hundreds of dolphins. They seemed to be hunting for fish and were often seen jumping an easy 4 feet out of the water. It was amazing to watch. Overall it was a great day, and the crew constantly remains ready to take on any challenges that may come our way!

We miss all of our loved ones and look forward to contacting them in Gibraltar and catching up. We hope the days are flying by back home as quickly as they are on Argo. We love and miss you all more than you know.
Wish us fair winds and calm seas,