Location: Underway to Gibraltar

The day started at midnight for watch team three’s 12 am-4 am watch. We were all exhausted from the previous day’s activities as well as our late night watching “The Italian Job” together. However, the cold rain and the large swaying swells woke us up and kept us alert (and wet!). This moment marked rougher conditions than what we were used to, and it set the stage for most of the day’s challenging conditions. Through the power of motivational pop songs blaring through our Bluetooth speakers, we were able to muster the willpower and strength necessary to stay alert and fulfill our duties as watch team on deck. Our foul weather gear certainly helped us tackle the elements; this was the first time a lot of us wore them. Waking up the 4 am-8 am watch team and seeing their reactions as they found out about their imminent and inevitable cold wetness was a sweet, sweet treat. But as all Argo crew-members do, they all performed their duties in a stellar fashion.

Throughout the day, conditions stayed rough. Rouge waves consistently yet unexpectedly splashed people at the most inconvenient times, like when Shelby wanted to take a quick peek out of a hatch and got the entirety of her left side drenched within two seconds. Though these conditions were harsh, they were still very enjoyable due to their hilarious and unusual nature, as well as the fun sailing challenges they posed.

For lunch, we had a Mexican food feast brought to us by our head, Chef Tori, which was awfully convenient since many of us had been craving burritos (especially Griffin, and he wouldn’t shut up about it). We had to eat all this precious food quickly before waves came on board and claimed our meal as theirs. After this delicious feast, we had our usual Seamanship class, but this time it was significantly more challenging. We learned the methodology necessary to take currents into account whenever we plan our navigation. This is no easy task, but we still managed to complete this challenge, illustrating the best characteristic of Seamester: finding tough obstacles and using them to develop our skills. After-class showers were canceled, the conditions were too rough to have a bunch of us just sitting on the deck and spraying water all over ourselves. But worry not, the ocean still found many creative ways to get us as wet as possible.

Being wet and cold was not the only fun aspect of this new weather system; wind speeds also picked up significantly. Because of this, we were able to raise most sails and turn the engine off, allowing us to finally turn on our sailing navigation lights (red over green). Together we were able to efficiently and quickly raise all sails while the chefs prepared our next meal.

We had teriyaki beef for dinner, as well as a fresh batch of cookies baked by Claire. The smell kept many people around the kitchen trying to steal some of the cookies, but we stayed vigilant and prevented those vultures from stealing food before dinnertime. But after sharing this meal together and having a great time as a crew, everyone got a cookie.

Next up is another watch in this challenging yet fun weather. We will see the sunset as we sail east toward Gibraltar. We expect to arrive soon, but I wouldn’t mind staying on Argo instead.


PS: Dad, if you’re reading this, I forgot to pay rent. If you could spot me this time, it would be solid. Thanks.