Location: Underway to Gibraltar

Day 26, we finally have strong wind and big waves. We took our V.H.F exams and started CPR training. It’s a blast to finally be sailing with good wind. Everyone is feeling the excitement of getting to sail and getting the hang of working the boat as it rocks in the swells. We are also enjoying the peace that comes with no engine running full speed. Today we had to be clipped into the jack lines in order to be able to do the dishes on deck after our delicious meals of grilled cheese for lunch and chicken noodle soup for dinner; this made for a good time. Shout out to Amanda for grabbing my jacket as I flew from the chart house while drying dishes. So far today, we have seen speeds of up to 11-12 knots over the ground, so we are making up some time on our way to our next destination. Gibraltar, here we come!