Location: Underway to Gibraltar

After several days of low-hanging clouds, heavy winds, and waves, the weather calmed slightly for the last leg of our North Atlantic passage. All of us Argo crew came up on deck excited for some sun, finally free of our foulies after the rougher weather. It’s nice to enjoy a little bit of warmth as we approach the Mediterranean – we are now only a day away, and expect to arrive on the morning of August 4th!
General antics continued throughout the day, with haphazardly thrown bowls of oatmeal, flying toilet seats, and sliding shipmates eliciting roars of laughter as the heavy waves continued to pitch the Argo crew to and fro. Thankfully, the rougher waves subsided mid-morning; I can now put on pants again without wedging myself between two walls while precariously standing on one wobbly leg. The calmer sea and skies, though welcome, meant we had to take down the jibs and mainsail today. We quickly took down the sails and revved up the motor for the last 200 or so miles to Gibraltar. Sailors as we now are, it’s always a little sad to see the sails drop, but the excitement of approaching land and warmer weather helped ease the loss of the sails.
Dan (fearless leader of Watch Team 1, AKA Best Watch Team) taught Seamanship class today. We practiced our charting and navigation skills, taking three-bearing fixes, dead reckonings, and course-to-steering. We showered on deck for the first time in a few days, braving the cold Atlantic waters, happy to shower in the fresh, slowly warming air. For dinner, we dined on lasagna; Amanda and the chef crew were also kind enough to make us chocolate cake topped with strawberry jam as well as coconut cake topped with orange marmalade. Quite a treat!

To my friends, family, and others back home – I miss you, dearly!! I can’t wait to tell you all about my journey when I arrive back home. See you in two weeks!!

P.S. Sarah – We’re buying lots of rope and trying prussic knots and dead man’s hitches around the pole in the hi-rise. Trust me. It’s gonna be awesome.