Location: Underway to Gibraltar

Excitement consumes the crew on Argo as we draw closer and closer to the Strait of Gibraltar — the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea and the end of our journey across the Atlantic Ocean. I stand here typing in the chart house in disbelief as I study the charts we’ve marked with our position for the entirety of our journey. Could it truly be possible that we’ve crossed such an immense body of water in this seemingly short amount of time? The days blend together as our sense of time shifts to be governed by watch rotations, our sense of novelty perpetually governed by the sea. Could it be that the same ocean we became acquainted with as the last bit of land left our horizon in the Caribbean still surrounds us, now liquid silver and painted with the dust of the Sahara?

Today’s activities were highlighted by the anticipation of our arrival in Gibraltar tomorrow morning. An unspoken feeling of excitement, accomplishment, and wonder leaves the crew feeling closer than ever as we process the magnitude of our achievement. As a team, we crossed an ocean and will forever be changed by the life we’ve created together onboard Argo. Following our group’s gathering at lunch, we received practical instruction in Emergency First Response (EFR), demonstrating our ability to perform CPR and other forms of primary care. Following EFR, we had the opportunity to develop our celestial navigation skills with Dan, working through a sun sight and completing our first line of position. The smooth seas and the brilliant sun created the perfect conditions for deck showers, leading into dinner and a marvelous sunset. As the skies darken and the stars emerge, the crew readies for an intensive night of boat traffic and navigation as we near one of the busiest trade routes in the world.

The changes we’ve seen — a changing ocean, changing winds, and changing skies — all reflect the changes we’ve experienced individually. We’ve acknowledged the caliber to which a voyage such as this will impact and mold our lives, but we haven’t been able to identify the ways we’ve changed. It’s something indescribable that’s changed our lives for the better. At the moment, that’s the best way to put it.

Sending all my love to those onshore — Nina xx