Location: Roseau, Dominica

Au revoir France land! Another day has gone by and just another island for the adventuresome crew of Ocean Star. As we make it through our death week, A.K.A. midterms, we have so much to look forward to. We’ve taken our Marine Biology test and handed in our Oceanography papers already. We have one more academic party to look forward to in the coming days, THE OCEANOGRAPHY MIDTERM. This should not be too bad because we have heard the rumors from far and wide that were the smartest crew in the Caribbean. With all this academic celebration, we almost forgot the stellar things planned for our longer stay In Dominica. This includes hiking the legendary boiling lakes with local guide Pancho, going on a ride through the forests (tour on roads) on a fruit hunt with Seacat, and lastly, some stellar dives with a local guide company. These amazing plans made everyone eager to hit the high seas this morning. After picking up both hooks, we quickly were in winds gusting from 25-35 knots (kts). We broke our speed record, formerly 10.6 kts set by watch team two, which is now set by Captain Jack (known as Captain Spice in Marigot Bay) at a high speed of 11kts! We have made it a goal to break Oceanstar’s all-time high-speed of 12kts by the end of the trip. Thus with such powerful winds, we made it to Dominica nice and quick giving us some time to kick back swim, and of course, take care of our beautiful girl Ocean Star by giving her a nice bath. Then there was an epic surprise. Jack returned from customs with ice cream, promised to us long ago that we were all happy to enjoy devouring the whole container in about thirty seconds. There was also some Hide and Seek action, a game difficult on a small boat. This was full of laughs and good times, similar to everything we do. Now I’m checking out for a date with my pillow before the long hike tomorrow. -They call me Chief of the Day!