Location: St. Martin

We woke up with just 7 days left as crew of Ocean Star. To make sure we’re making the most of our time here, the majority of us woke up at 4:45am to take a sunrise hike to the summit of Ile Fourche. It was an EARLY but great start to the day! Next we were back on board for a quick breakfast before the first certified dive for our new divers, which was a circumnavigation of a small island. After the dive we readied sails and 40/40’d the boat for a sail to St. Martin. Things came together quickly and we had four sails up just past noon. Our passage was relatively uneventful, very calm, and in and out of rain systems. We arrived and dropped anchor off St. Martin just before 6:00pm, and ate dinner in the cockpit while dropping anchor. Now at anchor, we are all looking forward to exploring St. Martin tomorrow.