Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua


Morning, 7:00 AM. We started the day a smidgen earlier so that the crew could zipline to their heart’s content; Anthony and Tyler were the only ones who opted to do so, and they had a whale of a time. While they glided through the jungle, the majority of us elected to lounge around the harbor. Jack, Momo, and Cayley took the day off to dabble further into Antigua and run some errands for the mothership. Early afternoon, 1:00 PM. We grew restless, no longer satisfied with being stationary in this arid heat. Us young scholars trudged along with the remnants of a British sequence of lookout points until we made it to Pigeon Beach. The beach was prime; excellent views, a delicate heat, and invigorating waters. We even bumped into our pals, the scientists. Time in this locale was expended in a hodge-podge of wrassling, bronzing, and sports. Late afternoon, 4:30 PM. At the conclusion of our beach sesh, we marched back to our harmonious babe of a boat, cleaned ourselves right and proper, and chowed down on the third Filipinoculinary experience for the day. Andrea was head chef, and she had treated us to a bouquet of Filipino cuisines all day long. Sensational. Evening, 8:00 PM. We finished the night with an OC-Emma class detailing the intricacies of coastal marine environments.

Buenas noches, blog readers