Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

For some in the group today, the day started extra early, with a wake-up at 5:15 so they could get COVID tests. For the rest of the group, the morning started off normally, and some (Addisen) even woke up early to go free diving. However, for breakfast, we got a special treat because Celia decided to make cinnamon rolls, which were amazing and probably my favorite breakfast so far. After we had finished breakfast, me and a few other people went swimming because it was already very hot outside. Then, we went straight into practicing for our Navmaster exam, which is just around the corner. As the onboard group peacefully charted, the COVID test group went for the ride of a lifetime on their way to and from the tests. Apparently, the driver of their van was not a great driver and nearly got in an accident, giving them a bit of a scare. Both groups were then dropped off on land for some shore time. Most people went straight to a smoothie shop, where everyone got some amazing fruit smoothies. After this refreshing stop, everyone went to get lunch at a place recommended to us. After spending maybe 20 minutes searching for this restaurant, we arrived and were happy to discover that there was a pool table and even more smoothies. We spent a good hour there before going to the beach to cool off in the water, where we also got to watch one of the local dogs, which we named Maria, hunt for crabs in the sand. After this fun experience onshore, we all headed back to Ocean Star and relaxed and swam for a couple of hours before dinner. For dinner, Celia made another dish that hadn’t been made up until that point, chicken pot pie. This meal was also amazing, especially when I paired it with my third cinnamon roll of the day. Everyone is also looking forward to our last passage of the trip in two days, back to Antigua, where the whole trip started.

Picture 1: Me chowing down on a cinnamon roll
Picture 2: Johnny thoughtfully eating a cinnamon roll
Picture 3: Smoothies onshore
Picture 4: Some of the group playing pool
Picture 5: Henry and his coconut bowl and ring
Picture 6: Keaton holding a cat
Picture 7: Johnny and Keaton
Picture 8: Johnny and his lover, Maria