Location: Underway

As a short continuation of last night: the crew gathered around as 5 weary souls took part in Argo’s first annual food eating contest. The challenge consisted of the 5 having to eat a spoonful of canned chicken/turkey every 30 seconds. The cheering squad was led by Cap’n Sam as the winner of the contest (Galen) finished with 24 spoonfuls in his already full Thanksgiving belly. It finally ended past sun down but gave the rest of the crew some unforgettable pictures and laughs to hold them out through the night. As for today, the crew enjoyed another fantastic routine day as we ventured through day 10 of our odyssey Atlantic crossing. Watch teams ran throughout the day, only stopping for a wonderful lunch of tortillas, Thanksgiving leftovers, and so much other food that I can’t even remember. We had our second and final installment of the PSCT oral law exam for the many taking the class. Following that, we had a short Oceanography quiz before taking refreshing deck showers. We had dinner at 6, consisting of pasta bolognese. Another beautiful sunset was watched by many and is still currently shining in my face as I write this. SLD awaits us in a few minutes, so we’re excited to doing something fun and interactive. We currently stand on 5300nm logged, 475.283 miles to Dominica, and an ETA of mid-day (7:37) November 29.

As for the rents and fam, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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