Location: Kabui Bay

SUP SHAWTYYYYSSS, so let’s talk about today, which is day 56; it started during watch cycles where dolphins swam all around the boat, which was incredible. Anyways when they no longer felt like entertaining the watch teams, everyone slept soundly. We then headed out on a new journey to the most beautiful place called Kabui Bay. Side note so sorry for the lack of communication with your children because we do not base anchor on cell service… I do not know what time because I was sound asleep. Thanks to Margaret, we all got to wake up to the most delicious chocolate chip muffins, fruit, and yogurt, and let me tell you, they were SO GOOD! Although before we could eat, the majority of the wake-ups had to occur three times… We continued to travel through the most glass-looking water, and when we finally arrived, everyone was in awe of the beauty this place holds.

When we finally were able to gather the sleeping beauties, we split into two groups, and one went off into the water that had no visible Crocs (unfortunately). The brave first group consisted of Ben, Heather, and Kee as our fearless leaders, along with Kirstyn, Larkin, Nora, Sydney, Sierra, Justin, and Heloise. Exploring multiple caves, drifting down a current, and seeing anemones, coral, and small clown fish, the first group literally had such a blast! To prove their point of having such a blast, they decided to be late for lunch… while the second group devoured Margaret’s FIRE chicken strips and fries!!! After that, we, of course, cleaned up like the clean freaks we are #boatappreciation. Group two, which consisted of Kee, Smash, Tom, myself, Dray, Barbra, Ethan, Romeo, Margaret, Perry, Jack, and Elexia, headed off into the unknown. Once arrived at the spot, I guess the current had completely changed, and we first went into the super dope caves and saw a bunch of little bitty bats, which were so cute, and encountered a rock that looked like a croc scaring half of the group. Then we all watched Jack float what seemed to be half a mile down the river by himself as the rest of us floated down the “lazy river,” clinging onto Smash to make a raft. We slowly caught up to Jack, who, in reality, got in the dinghy with Kee and got dropped off back with the group. To be real, it was so incredibly beautiful, with the excitement of not knowing if there was a croc under us in the murky water. When we all got back into the dinghy, we skrrr skrred around, looking at all the gorgeous scenery. Tom then spotted a rock face he wanted to climb, so we headed that way and were disappointed to find out it was not climbable… But we did get back into the water and swam around for a while longer, taking photos and enjoying each other’s company.

Once we were within reach of the boat, group two did backflips of the dinghy, which completely cleared my sinuses by going through my nose and out my ears… anyways, we got back on board, and everyone besides Larkin. I had Marine Biology, which from what I heard, was very interesting! Larkin and I went with Kee to explore a little structure on land, and it was a cute little spring and a not-so-cute little bathroom ( hole in the ground with some walls). When we got back, the class was over, and some of us were studying, some napping, some ocean showering, and some sitting on the bow as we awaited Margaret’s last amazing meal of the day, which was pizza, and there was a lot! It was so so good. To end the dinner, we did squeeze, and I asked the question what is one inanimate object that you accidentally hurt yourself on and how it was very funny. We watched the beautiful sunset and laughed at each other’s stories, and ended the day with cleaning and a fun VHF exam… That’s all. Thanks so much. Have a lovely day<3!