Location: Tobago Cays, Grenadines

Hello friends,

This morning I decided to wake everyone up 15 minutes early because I had woken up early and was getting bored! Most people weren’t too happy to see their watches read 6:45, but it led to the start of an extremely productive day. We started the morning off with Olivia’s banana muffins, then went straight into Marine Bio and Seamanship. In Seamanship, we honed in on more of our charting skills. I would say we might already know the lighthouses of the Chesapeake bay too much. For lunch, we had BLT’s where I filled Dory in that two slices wouldn’t be enough for a proper BLT. Luckily Olivia, Hailey, and Isabel made six-packs! After lunch, we had another emotional class of Leadership taught by Holly. After Leadership, the majority of the crew went to enjoy an optional snorkel. While Rob, Matthew, and I decided to stay back and take a nap, our classmates weren’t short of stories when they returned to Ocean Star. Tonight featured a 2 question “squeeze” from Isabel and I. Her question was, If you could be a shoe, what shoe would you be? Mine was, If you could have a house anywhere, where would it be? Of course, I chose the 18th hole at Pebble Beach (surprising nobody on Ocean Star). Tonight, we are getting much needed free time, and will be making dessert!

Shoutout to Delilah and Baxter. Mom. Grant and Tyler, I hope you guys enjoy your first few weeks of Baseball!

Matt B