Location: Tobago Cays, Grenadines

Today started off a little slower than normal. Most everyone needed a second reminder to get up and ready from breakfast, which I gave, after a breakfast of cereal and oatmeal. We began to plan the upcoming week. We organized tests and talked about when we wanted each class. Then the day began with our group therapy or what we call it leadership class. We talked about the different ways people communicate and how we communicate ourselves. As we began our next class of Oceanography, we could smell the yummy bread cooking in the oven, which was a huge hit at lunch. Then we hit the charts, and the confusion began. After an hour or so of practice, we got it down. Three classes basically in a row drained some of, and we went over to a little island for a swim and explored. But it turned into an extreme building of sandcastles where Gus became extremely passionate about the success of our sandcastles vs. the waves. ( I think the walls were bigger than the castle). Then after a run up the beach, and a few Instagram photos were taken, the exploring began. We walked around and found a fun swing. When we were back on board, we began to take showers and get ready for dinner and the end of the day. At dinner, we all shared our favorite summertime past time growing up. Tonight we will learn about how the stars came to be from Lolo’s star story.