Location: Underway to Kumai

Tonight I realized that the day had been overtaken by the four classical elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. First, Wind: We took our exam in order to be able to use VHF (Very High Frequency) Radios, to send messages through the air (a bit of a stretch, but bear with me). Next, we had Student Leadership Development, where we discussed personality types based on these four elements. Second, Water: Our second squall of the semester hit us, but luckily, it was a very minor one. We have quite a few people on board who were happy to finally make use of their foul weather gear and came up on deck for our brief shower. Third, Fire: Unfortunately, our chefs forgot to turn off the smoke detector before cooking dinner’s quesadillas, so we had an accidental fire “drill.” Fortunately, it was just a little smoke, and the quesadillas were absolutely delicious, which brings me to the fourth element: Earth. Due to the rain up on deck, we ate our dinner closer to the earth, down below in the saloon, which is near sacrilegious on Argo and is never to be spoken of again. All in all, today was a good (and well rounded) day.