Location: Underway to Borneo

Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, esteemed members of the public domain, The crew of Argo has been hard at work today successfully navigating her approximately another 160 nautical miles closer to the Sunda Straits, our gateway into Indonesia. Unfortunately, while we have been blessed with some nice sailing breeze the past couple of days, today was not to be. With all but two of the sails struck, we have been motoring along in search of the equatorial counter-current, aka our highway to the other side of the Indian Ocean. Along the way today, shortly after an Oceanography and Professional Skipper training class, we encountered what at first glance appeared to be a sizable container floating just above the surface. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that it was a capsized fishing vessel, which had obviously been adrift at sea for quite some time, judging by the growth on the hull. In an unconventional twist on the usual squeeze question this evening, the crew were asked to anonymously write down a confession on a piece of paper and then, in the fashion of a lucky dip, reach into the “confession box” and read one out aloud. Needless to say, the question on everyone’s lips at the moment is, “Who’s been farting on max’s pillow?” The chefs cooked up a superb chili dish for tonight’s meal, supplemented with an incredible apple and blueberry cobbler for dessert – life is good on the Indian Ocean at the moment. One Love, Kris