Location: St. Barthelemy

After a rough night of sailing between Barbuda and St. Barthelemy, we arrived in the harbor of Gustavia. Most of us were tired, as we worked 3 hours on, 6 hours off during the night. But it was definitely worth it. This island is a haven for fine dining and shopping. Of course, we had to check into customs and do some boat appreciation (cleaning), which included scrubbing and oiling the cap rails. After that hard work, though, Ocean Star shined in the morning sun. The locals were in awe; tourists snapped photos of our schooner. We docked and disembarked, enjoying our first couple of hours onshore. Everyone rushed to the complimentary showers and the bathrooms. It was a rough night, after all. Some local attractions we visited were the boutiques, bookstore, ice cream parlor, restaurants, creperie, and this really cool spot where airplanes fly right above your head. Everything shuts down here after lunch for a “siesta,” so we had an MTE class. We learned about tides and currents and how they will affect us while seafaring. Then we had a couple more hours to do some more shopping and break our piggy banks. Finally, we all showed off our hidden talents and had a dinner of stir fry. Tonight should hold an OCE class about Physical Oceanography followed by some much-needed sleep. Until next time, see you!