Location: Portsmouth

Waking up this morning, two things were on my mind. Number one: I have a four-page literary review due tomorrow that I have just barely started. Number two: We’re going to see where the witch’s house was built for Pirates of the Caribbean! After breakfast, we motored to Portsmouth, Dominica. While underway, everyone was down below in the salon busily typing and reading articles with the precious study time we were given. After arriving in Dominica, we had lunch and waited for the fun to start. While paddling up the river, we tested the water for salinity and temperature. I was surprised to find that the lab we did on the Indian River was extremely exciting and interesting. Did you know that even a mile upstream a river, there is still salt water a few meters under? I didn’t, and I was flabbergasted! As we made our way back down the river, we saw the boat for the other book. They hummed us an awkward version of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, and we laughed/applauded. After returning back to Ocean Star, we got back to our papers and ate a yummy dinner. Tomorrow we sail to Les Saints, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store.