Location: 8 07.87'S 118 25.44'E

This morning we all woke up to the sound of the anchor being raised as we began our passage from Komodo to Gili Air. After a long day of adventures around Komodo, the whole crew of Argo was grateful for a regular night’s sleep and ready for the 1.5-day passage. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, sausage, but most importantly, a side of shredded cheese because breakfast cheese is glorious.

Today was the first day we had enough wind to put more than one sail up, and it was lovely to have four sails up and be able to turn off the engines. We were also very thankful that the freshwater maker had started working again because we were starting to smell a little funky. Lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup, which everyone devoured, except for Alexander, who unfortunately slept through lunch.

After lunch, we had Oceanography class, where we learned about mapping the ocean floor, among other things. Then we had a Seamanship class where we learned a lot of the core principles of boating, including anchoring, docking, and the essential knots. This afternoon we got to shower, but not without a 15-minute scare that the saltwater pump wasn’t working. Thank you, Ben, for your magic. We now smell bearable. During showers, everyone was entertained by Caroline cleaning her hairbrush. The hair clump just took to the air and was floating for like 5 minutes while we waited to see if it would blow back into the boat or not (it didn’t). Is the crew of Argo far too easily entertained? Yes.

Dinner was chicken balls and lentil soup, which was delicious, and Alexander actually got food this time, which was good. The squeeze question was, “what is your favorite memory,” and it was lovely to hear the many fond memories of family and friends back home. Passage watch schedules are back on as we motor-sail through the night, and that is the end of day 15 aboard Argo.

– Claire

p.s. Mom, my phone has not begun working, so I really truly cannot call you. It’s not because I don’t miss you. Also, it would be super great if I could call you because I maybe do miss you guys a little.