Location: Gili Aer, Indonesia

As the day started we had our eyes on the island we were to round and drop anchor in Gili. However, as the day dragged on the island only seemed to get further and further away even with 5 sails up at one point. We finally arrived just before the sky went dark and the rain started pouring. During this everlasting day journey, we had breakdowns, assembling line showers, and boiling hot classes. The breakdown happens during class when a fellow crewmate (who will remain anonymous but with the initials of RBW) started crying and I quote I’m literally dying because she was not able to stand the heat any longer. Then we had showers, however, the salt water pump was not working so we had team Jelly dump buckets of salt water on a line of waiting people. Then I came in to hose people down with fresh water, but for only ten seconds, for fresh water is liquid gold on Argo. After this exciting day, it still feels like we have been on Argo for over a month but then realize that it has only been 16 days.

P.S. hi mom