Location: Underway to Bali

Today started like any other passage day: most people enjoyed the luxury of sleeping until lunch, except for those who had watch. For lunch, we had pesto grilled cheese sandwiches made with fresh bread that Carolyn and I made at midnight last night while on watch. The highlight of today happened late in the evening when we were approaching our arrival in Bali. Pulling into Bali marks Argo’s second circumnavigation of the globe, as well as Leah’s circumnavigation of the globe. Leah has been on Argo for five years and is the first SeaMester staff to complete a “circumnav” while working for the company, quite a feat! Zoe, Hannah, and Sean made a triple-layer cake in celebration and decorated it with an impressive map of the world with Leah’s “circumnav” route marked out. We decided to hold out on eating it until tomorrow once we are actually there, so something delicious to look forward to tomorrow! Everyone is in a great mood as we are excited about our arrival in Bali tomorrow and, of course, eating the cake.