Location: Underway to Bali

Once again, we find ourselves underway, breakfast consisting of cereal. I’ve never really had before, but for some reason, I’m in love with the taste of Wheet-a-Bix and Wheat Puff combo after a long night watch! The watches are not so bad, though, especially with my ace watch team of Jack, Laurie, DJ, Allison, Grayson, Isabella, Kyle, Corey, and of course, Charles! After breakfast and a beautiful lunch of chicken, Caesar wraps we had an MTE class on the subject of VHF radios and how they work, learning what to say when talking to other people on the radio when different situations arise, such as a mayday, pan pan, or security. One of my favorite things about VHF radio transitions is the use of the phonetic alphabet! That’s the Alpha Bravo Charley Echo Foxtrot stuff for those who may not know. Following MTE, we played a round of marine biology Jeopardy! Of course, just for fun, some people really get into the game! This evening has to have been one of my favorite dinners, Curry awesomeness! There was lamb, beef, and chicken curry, each of which was uniquely great! I’m a pretty big fan of curry, and that was done right! After dinner and clean up, we had a great presentation from Claire and Annie. H about Bali and the perfect presentation to end the day from John, “How to bake cookies” unfortunately, we ended up getting cookie all over the deck… but that’s okay; that’s what deckies are for! As always, we’re having a blast and signing off now, James W.