Location: Underway to Bali

It is day four (and a half) of our eight-day passage and today was pretty chill, sorry that we haven’t posted any blogs for a little while, don’t worry, we are still alive and well! My watch team and I woke up at 8 am because our first watch today way from 8 to 12. We ate a couple bowls of cereal and our watch started. It wasn’t too hot today, unlike the first day of passage when it was scorching. I helmed for about 3 hours total today, probably my longest so far. We are still a great ways out, on all sides of our boat is a vast desert of water, not a light nor a piece of land in sight, but beautiful in the least. This mornings watch was filled with listening to music and getting to know everyone on my watch team a little better, so it went by fairly quickly. We ate enchiladas for lunch today and for dinner we had chicken pot pie, both were delicious. I think over these past weeks we have all gotten a great deal better at cooking. After dinner I had watch from six to eight, a short shift, but after dinner and cleanup it was only John, Carolyn, and myself left on deck for watch while everyone else was down below doing the review for their naturalist dive, which we will do next week as part of the Advanced Open Water course. We enjoyed another beautiful sunset, as well as some dolphins that were springing out of the water at a surprising speed and must have been in somewhere in a hurry. That about wraps up today, we are enjoying our time at sea but at the same time are very excited to be getting closer to Bali each day!