Location: Underway to Bali

Today was another calm and relaxing day underway. Everything is beginning to blur together and our daily routines are no longer dictated by the time of day but rather by watch shifts. The Argo Fishing Tournament is still going on with watch team 1 in the lead with four fish. Today Hannah Hughes hooked her first fish, which unfortunately snapped the line with ease. As everyone on deck wondered how big the fish could have been, a five-foot-long black marlin breached the surface numerous times in our wake with Hannah’s hook and line dangling from its mouth! Everything is going steadily with dead calm conditions as we begin our turn north around the Timor Islands. Bisous Papa, Maman, Noemie et Camille je vous aimes et je pense fort a vous! A bientot jespre que tout vas bien a San Francisco.

Kisses Papa, Maman, Noemie, and Camille I love you, and I think very much of you! Hope to see you soon in San Francisco.