Location: Great Harbour Peter, Peter Island

One final time, Sam made us chocolate-chip banana bread for breakfast, and it was delicious. As we set about doing our morning chores, the shipmates were feeling nostalgic. We were in exactly this spot 75 days ago, taking our swim tests and attending Tor’s intro to diving class. Now we are breaking down our gear one final time. We were on this same mooring ball again 66 days ago, preparing Ocean Star for our first long passage to St. Kitts; now, we’re cleaning her brightly before our departure. Shea helped Tor and Matty clean and service the dive gear, and the rest of the shipmates hopped in the dinghies to wax under O-Star’s scuppers. After she was looking fine, the shipmates had free time to study for their final exam, write memory cards to each other, float in the warm water, attempt to windsurf and climb the ratlines to the crow’s nest. Unfortunately, shortly after lunch, the skies darkened and the wind picked up. Though we couldn’t enjoy a final day laying in the sun, the dreary weather drove everyone inside together. Between studying, there was a lot of laughing and reminiscing. Sam and Matty roasted veggies and chicken, and we enjoyed an unplanned intimate dinner in the salon while the wind whipped the halyards above. Our squeeze question had everyone relating what they would miss most about the trip, and a few of the shipmates were teary-eyed. Nobody wanted to leave the cozy warm company, but the exam loomed. We re-watched Tor’s great slide show and then started our last dinner clean up. Following a quick impromptu dance party, the shipmates got to work on their final final. They worked feverishly, explaining, and recalling facts about plate tectonics, the Coriolis effect, Eckman transport, gyres, waves, tides, and marine issues. Everyone was elated when the exams were turned in, and Boots and Jon led the celebration by baking us a cake from scratch. Special congratulations go out to Mollie, who finished the final class of her college career tonight. She passed her classes with flying colors and will be graduating soon. Yay Mollie! Congrats on finishing up, everyone!