Location: Koh Phagnan, Thailand

After breakfast we began a day of epic sailing. Rising to the challenge of raising the sails and departing the anchorage without the engine, the crew of Argo executed their maneuvers with swift and adept sail handling. After piling on full sail for the 20 mile reach to Koh Phagnan, we practiced tacking, jibing and performed a man overboard drill; giving each crew member a chance to see the boat under sail and snap a few pictures from the dinghy. Upon arrival into picturesque Pan Noi Bay, we sailed onto anchor, put the boat away, showered in the sea, dined on quiche and as I write this the crew is preparing for an Oceanography quiz and class. Everyone is tired and well spent after a day of putting the boat through the paces, but tonight we’ll enjoy the entertainment of the Thai fishermen anchored nearby as they sing songs and repair their nets and traps for the workday tomorrow.