Location: Gran Canaria

Every day we get just a bit closer to the pivotal point in our trip when we start our three-week crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, but until that point, we continue our European adventures today with a stop in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria of the Canary Islands, a far outcropping of Spain. The morning watches, which brought us in, came in under cloudy skies, and watch two was forced to quickly strike our mainsail due to an oncoming squall. Post squall, we quickly got the boat ready for docking only to have to wait since the marina was not ready for us, and today was All Saint’s Day here, so the marina was not staffed to deal with us quickly or properly. Ultimately we came onto the dock after a mildly rainy lunch of pesto pasta with the threat of potentially having to move tomorrow morning once the full functioning marina staff starts their day tomorrow. For now, we’re snuggled up in the marina, and having just finished a knotty version of our nightly tradition of the squeeze, meal clean up goes strong until class tonight when the shipmates will show their Oceanography skills off with their first exam of the semester. Best of luck to all of them and hello to all the parental units reading this from all the shipmates and crew.


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