Location: Underway to Gran Canaria

Happy Halloween! As far as spooks go, today has been rather uneventful. But life is still as wonderful as ever on Argo. We saw dolphins, had delicious food, and after what seemed like an age, saw the sun. It’s amazing how far a little sun can go in lifting low, puke-sodden spirits; it’s like having a cheery crew member come out of hibernation. We’re all exhausted, and the plague has been sweeping through the belly of Argo, but good music and some even better cornbread have fixed that today. Pro Tip: Add honey and hot sauce to your cornbread if you’re looking to spice up an otherwise ordinary day. Now we’re all settling down for our nightly routine of sleeping an extra five minutes, cramming for tests, and gorging upon way too many midnight snacks. But that could just be me. While today may not have been the most hair-raising of adventures, it was still the sort of golden day you can only find on Argo.

Hello to all my family and friends! And a particularly big hello to my Opa and Gramma!

Have a spoopy Halloween! (Not too spooky, just spoopy)

Pictured: Peter smiling in the chart house during a boat check; Ev dressed up with cat ears on for Halloween; some of the crew are smiling in the cockpit; beautiful sunset to end another day on our floating home.

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