Location: Underway to Gran Canaria

My day started at about 12 a.m. With a relatively relaxing watch shift (AKA not going 40/40, and not mercilessly raining). After watch, and a hearty bowl of oatmeal, we tried our best to chow down some tasty Moroccan sandwiches made by our fearless captain, Wiggy. We powered through seasickness, as it was our first day back on the open ocean for a while. As a result of the widespread seasickness epidemic, Amanda made the incredibly wise decision to have oceanography class topside in the cockpit. We could see the horizon and feel the breeze on our faces. It helped us out a bit, but not as much as we probably all would have wanted. After oceanography and a quick nap, we did some really good sailing, with a great steady wind coming off the starboard stern. I think everyone enjoyed being able to sail again after such a long time, regardless of what state their stomach was in. We ended the night with a hearty meal of beef and potatoes. After dinner, we continued our watches and rested our heads, ready for whatever tomorrow might bring.

P.S. Hi Mom, Dad, Landon, Blake, and Piper!!!! Still going strong!

Pictured: Emmalee in full foulies at the helm, still smiling despite dreary weather and some seasickness; the method we use on Argo for cooking underway while everything is moving- the bars hold the pots of tasty food securely in place on the stovetop!

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