Location: Marrakech, Morocco

A brisk autumn wind woke us from our slumber – the kind of cold you dont expect in any African country. That was quite all right with us, however, as the beds were plush, wide and warm. We realized, with a pang of sadness, that this would be the last time wed sleep in a real bed for the next month or so. Breakfast was held in a cozy tent with a gorgeous view of the city below and snow-capped mountains above. Afterward, we had options. Some chose to ride on horseback through the winding trails and forests. Others opted for ropes courses, ziplines, archery, and the like. Personally, I felt inclined to go for a hike. Long nature walks become a rare commodity when youre living in 112 feet of space the majority of the time. Andrew and Ian felt the same and joined me on my adventure. We struck out towards a distant ruin, the walls of what used to be an old town. Not ten minutes had passed before we saw a pack of wild puppies – the runt of the litter wasnt quite as fast as his older brothers, and after some apprehension, decided to stick with us for a portion of the walk. Sometimes these rare moments pass you by before you can stop to appreciate them, and before we knew it, the puppy had found his pack or some other curiosity to entertain himself with. We came to rest in a grassy valley, ruins to our left, white mountain range looming to our right. I kicked myself for forgetting my camera, but treasured the view nonetheless.

After our exploring and free time in the morning, we had a delicious group lunch on an outdoor patio enjoying some sunshine and more views of the snow-capped mountains in the distance. After more tajine, Fanta lemon, and desserts, we were full, and it was time to head back to our floating home. The bus ride home passed quickly as we watched a movie on Taits phone. We returned to the familiar sight of Argo and had a lovely meal prepared by the staff. This was immediately followed by passage prep and a speedy departure towards the Canary Islands. A rather fruitful day, if you ask me.

Pictured: Views inside and out at our beautiful campsite in the Atlas mountains

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