Location: Underway

The day started normally with the watch rotations as they have been for the past few days underway in the middle of the Atlantic. The pressure of an exam was looming over the heads of many of the shipmates as the final MTE exam was to take place that day. Many stayed up way past their watches working on final practice chart work before the big test. The exam started promptly at 1300 hrs and carried on right until dinner was served at 1730 hrs. For dinner, Matty made BBQ chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, which were all gone by the end of dinner. At this moment, clean-up is ending, and the next class is to take place; dive class! Life underway has been calm, and everyone is well on board. Helming has been a bit of a struggle as we have been sailing downwind, but the opportunity of a new challenge is always welcomed here on Argo!


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