Location: Underway

When one is 660 miles away from the nearest land, things get a little crazy on Argo. After some scrumptious pesto grilled cheese sandwiches, we held a little pep rally for our Atlantic crossing. We had a plethora of activities involving a pile of shoes, Gumby suits and at least 3 male shipmates in drag. Never a dull moment! The rest of the day was scheduled so people could sleep and study for the slew of exams coming up. Finally, just as we were about to dig in to our teriyaki chicken, Mitch’s fishing line began to hum and (to everyone’s delight) we had caught ourselves a 6 foot marlin! Unfortunately, our more humane instincts overpowered our gustatory ones and we let the little feller go. No fish tacos for us Otherwise, things continue as normal on Argo. We’re making excellent time and hardly having to turn on the engine. Looks like we’ll all be home for Christmas, with deep tans and big smiles.

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