Location: Underway

Through the night the crew continued the game of “Assassin” which was started the previous day during the pep rally. Everyone had another member of the crew in which they had to secretly say a key phrase too to eliminate that player and move on to the next person. This kept most of the crew on edge and not wanting to go places alone on the boat, as they were nervous their “assassin” would follow them.

As the crew awoke this morning to bright sunshine and the smell of fresh baked bread in the galley, the last minute studying for the nights PSCT colregs exam began. While many of the PSCT students were quizzing each other over rules and lights, Argo kept making way towards Dominica. The chefs made a great chicken salad with the fresh Argo bread. After the cleanup there were no classes so the crew took sometime to themselves, choosing to studying, taking a quick nap, or even watching part of a movie to relax before the exam. With the hot sun the students were extremely eager to take deck showers in the warm water. Watch teams continued throughout the day as did “Assassin” with George finally taking out Emily for the win! After dinner all of the PSCT students gathered to take their exam which is a huge relief, as they begin studying for the next one in a couple of days. As watch team three takes the deck we are currently sailing on a broad reach making 7 knots, so we will all be gently rocked to sleep.