Location: Jolly Harbor, Antigua

Today was a relaxing yet stressful day. We had an early wake-up to “Out For a Rip” by Shark Tank. Great song to wake up to. After a hearty breakfast of brain fuel by head chef Jon and his team, we went straight into exams. There were four shifts of Navmaster test takers. We took it in small groups so we could have plenty of space to spread out, and it gave everyone else time to study and relax as the groups cycled through. The group that wasn’t taking the test played cards and studied for the Marine Bio exam that we are about to go take right now. The bay we are in is very secluded and quiet- the perfect spot to have some quiet and productive time. And a great spot to practice backflips after the NavMaster exams were done.

We are all pretty excited because, aside from an emergency first responder exam, we are finished with classes after tonight! A big pat on the back for myself and all the other students. We also got the news that everyone passed the Oceanography final from last night, another great accomplishment. We are all getting pretty excited to see our families. I know I am #loveyoumom. Even though we are looking forward to seeing our loved ones at home, we will definitely be sad to leave all of our Ocean Star friends in just a few short days. I am the head chef tomorrow, and we are going to be eating very well.

Pics 1. People are studying for Navmaster 2. Miranda being happy 3. Dishy pit things