Location: Falmouth - Hermitage Bay

Hello loyal readers,
Another day, another blog they say, but what amazing days we have been having. We woke to a glorious sunrise over Falmouth Harbour on the first day of the Antigua Boat Show. A freshly scrubbed Ocean Star looked right at home amongst the other boats arriving for the boat show, and all Antigua has to offer. However, now minus the inflatable trampoline, we found and enjoyed it for a day (the local water park was beyond happy to have it back). Amanda was soon off to shore for the final provisions run, and I was donning dive gear for some maintenance below the waterline. Hardly a crew member was seen on deck this morning as today marks the first day of finals week, with the oceanography final scheduled tonight. Everyone has spent their time either fixed to their computer studying or in groups doing revision.

As everyone studied, the anchor was raised, and we left Falmouth Harbour bound for Hermitage Bay on the northern side of the island- a beautiful day for a cruise complimented by Jill’s corn chowder for lunch. As clean-up was just beginning, Carolyn ran a surprise man overboard drill. Everyone was quick to react, with Ridge pointing to the MOB; Matthew, Nate, Jade, and Kennedy preparing the dingy to retrieve them. Steffen and I were tasked with the dingy retrieval and, on arrival, found an “unconscious, unresponsive and non-breathing” person, a quick radio to Ocean Star, and the first aid and oxygen kits were on deck as the rescue divers in training and emergency first responders are now so well versed in doing. It’s great to see how far everyone has come with their training so far.

After arriving at our idyllic new anchorage, Miranda and Jade settled in with a swim in the turquoise waters. The study sessions continued with preparation for OCE continuing, rescue divers, and Josh completed their final exam, and everyone had a marine biology fish I.D quiz. Josh had a big day of divemaster training, completing snorkel training and discover scuba diving practice assisted by Joseph. Tonight’s dinner was an amazing honey soy chicken and vegetable stir fry by Jill and yours truly, followed by a squeeze and then the first final. Fingers crossed, all the studying pays off!
Stay tuned

Pictured; stormy weather rolls in after the MOB drill. Kaiden is about to do a double backflip, Josh doing divemaster training, our idyllic new anchorage as photographed by Jill, Josh enjoying the trampoline, everyone “studying,” and sunrise on watch – the reward for the 4 am-7 am shift.