Location: Saba

Today was most definitely a day of highs and lows in every sense of the word. Our first was an emotional high being greeted bright and early this morning by the scent of freshly prepared coffee cake emanating from down in the galley, closely followed by possibly one of the lowest points in this Captain’s time at sea. I always knew this day was mathematically inevitable. The amount of silverware that accidentally makes its way overboard during our time at sea allows for almost every bottom-dwelling creature to have in their possession a complete set of cutlery. Anyway, I digress. Yes, the unthinkable happened, and Excalibur (my titanium light, my fire spork was brutally booted into the sea by Madeline Taggart. (Davy Jones will be feasting like a king tonight!)Following on from such a devastating loss, the crew was somehow able to pick themselves up with the prospect of two dives in the ecologically rich Saba coastline. Saba’s underwater topography allows for a whole array of species to thrive around this lonely rock, many of which were seen firsthand by our intrepid underwater explorers, hitting a whopping (but still incredibly safe) 110 feet on their deep dives today! The other half of the group prepped themselves for an all-out beach assault. Once ashore, they ventured up the eternal staircase to civilization, aptly named the ladder past the original customs house and on into town. Once the divers returned from their adventures, much of the day was spent working on some last-minute back tans with the occasional navigation problem thrown into the mix. An elite search and recovery team was sent out with one goal in mind and told not to bother returning unless accompanied by my faithful blade, Excalibur! Lo and behold, Excalibur was resurrected from the depths by Ms. Taggart, and all was suddenly well again in this Captain’s life! Tonight we set sail on our final leg of this illustrious journey. Historians will be scribing for millennia to come, telling jovial tales of our adventures, our highs, our lows, our bike crashes, and our pillow thieves.