Location: BVI

Today was definitely in contention for the day, where we fit the most things possible into one day without keeling over from exhaustion. The morning started really as a continuation of our night sail. Sailing by starlight was incredible, and as the sun rose and we finally came home to the British Virgin Islands again, I think everyone forgot their sleep deprivation to appreciate the reality of where we were and what we had just done. After quickly taking down the sails (possibly our fastest yet!) and anchoring, we had a quick boat appreciation cleaning and jetted off to The Baths. Historically, The Baths were a location to clean slaves after long passages, but now what remains are beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by the kind of rock formations you usually see only in animations. After Kris cleared customs and Tor provisioned, it was off to Salt Island to anchor and dive The Rhone, one of the most famous shipwrecks in the Caribbean. We saw the undoubtedly largest lobster anyone has ever seen, a sea turtle swimming alongside the wreck, and schools of red squirrelfish. The chefs, Hannah and Dave, had dinner ready by the time we sailed the short distance to Great Harbor, Peter Island. The sun was setting as we were finishing our chicken Caesar wraps. A hatch cam has been suggested to capture all the hysterical moments in the galley, and today did not disappoint. Onlookers were doubled over with laughter as air guitar sessions and sing-alongs made cooking and cleanup a much more memorable experience. The night will finish with some last-minute studying in preparation for our Oceanography and Navigation exams tomorrow morning. Wish us luck!