Location: Dominica

We began the day with an early breakfast and a short cab ride up the mountain. Today was an exploration day. We trudged our way through mud and old leaves; through the jungle and over cold rivers. We took a short break on the peak of a mountain before heading into a great big sulphurous pit full of steaming spouts, called the Valley of Desolation. We all put great globs of grey clay on our faces, and washed it all off soon after while bathing in 110oF river water held in pools and fed by miniature waterfalls. After that we headed off again to see the only boiling lake in the world! Incredible! To top it all off Ben shared his gummy bears! After a couple of hours on the return we finally finished the 10 mile hike with a refreshing cola and a dip in the pirates of the Caribbean set, a short, narrow canyon that blocked the sun. We swam to the end of it and showered underneath a heavy waterfall. One of THE BEST hikes we’ve ever done. That was Dominica’s finale. A very tired crew had dinner, watched the Blue Planet and went to bed. Tomorrow we head for the Saints.