Location: Dominica

Today began early for the crew of Ocean Star. We met our friend and guide Sea Cat and began our circumnavigation of the island of Dominica. The first stop was the Indian River. James Bond and Cobra rowed us up the river as we took turbidity, salinity, and temperature measurements. We will analyze this data and send it back to the Park Rangers. Up the river, at Cobras Cafe, he made us fresh passionfruit and grapefruit juice before we headed back down. From here we continued around the island, stopping for lunch on a secluded beach, before heading into the Carib Territory, where we feasted on soursop, avocados, bananas, breadfruit, coffee beans, cocoa, coconut.. Our journey continued with many stops as Sea cat spotted herbs, spices or fruits along the roadside. We finished the day with a refreshing splash in Emerald Falls, and return to Ocean Star exhausted at about 18:30. Another mouthwatering treat was dinner, a BBQ at a local restaurant ashore.