Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

The day started out at 6:30 with Summer, Georgia, Ivy, and I sleepily walking down the mini streets of St. Barths towards the bakery. Sixteen fresh baguettes, croissants, and pain au chocolates were all acquired from the very patient French lady behind the counter, along with a couple of espressos to get the day going. We stuffed the baguettes into our bags and made our way back to the boat to wake the crew and enjoy breakfast together. Next up, more Navigation class with the Captain himself. This next week is our final push in the academic world with two-a-day classes to ensure some major chill time for the last couple of days of the program in the BVI. After the navigation savvy was complete, it was on to my personal favorite time of the day, DIVING! We split into two groups and took the plunge in the name of science for some and for others- pure fun! Afterward, it was a free afternoon for the crew. We enjoyed the local shops, restaurants, and beaches. Then it was back on board for superb seafood linguine prepared by Summer, Georgia, and Captain Kris (I have to add that Jake even rated it a 9.5!). Now it’s Oceanography time with Ivy, followed by some more chart work practice with the Captain and perhaps a quick crepe at the local desert hot spot afterward! Tor revoir 😉