Location: Antigua

Today was our last free day aboard Argo, so we had the day completely open to explore Antigua. In the last two days, our world has taken a 360-degree turn, where we went from being on the open ocean to now being surrounded by the ritziest mega yachts I have ever seen. The staff took some of the crew around the docks and talked to them about the various boats while other people explored the town. It is strange to be back in civilization, and words cannot describe the feeling of knowing that I will be leaving Argo in a day. Although it is heart-wrenching to think of leaving Argo, I kept the squeeze question light and asked everyone their funniest moment aboard Argo. It was absolutely hilarious to relive the hysterical moments we have had the last 88 days, and by the end of the squeeze, my stomach hurt so bad from laughing. My 23 Argo family members have made this a trip of a lifetime, and I will keep these memories with me forever.