Location: Cartagena, Spain

I decided there was no better way to wake everyone this morning than with Indian Techno. Im not sure if this was a unanimous opinion. Thankfully, my jarring method of wake-up was followed by eggs and bacon courtesy of chef Fifi. We were blessed by a beautiful sunrise as we ate breakfast, and the sun was finally in the sky by the time we started cleanup. After this, Amanda led a leadership activity where we learned about what type of leaders we are: red, yellow, green, or blue. We took a self-quiz to determine which category we fell under, then talked within our respective groupings. Then, we disembarked from the vessel for a lovely day, exploring the city of Cartagena. My group started with a second breakfast of espressos and pan con tomate. We then went to the panoramic elevator to get a better view of the city. We could see the mini colosseum from the top as well as the harbor and our majestic shmargo herself. There was a park with peacocks and ducks in it at the top, too. Other groups went to the amphitheater and another museum. We had an enjoyable lunch with a variety of foods ranging from steak (to Xavis delight) to fried eggplant, burgers, sardines, avocado toast, and Hilarys French fries, of course. After a filling meal, we continued to wander the streets of Cartagena in search of Halloween costumes (failed mission). We settled for getting snacks in preparation for a much-needed Harry Potter movie night. We all enjoyed luxurious dock facility showers with space and warm water before claiming our prime movie-watching spots on the salon floor with Gumby suits, pillows, and blankets. The staff was kind enough to decorate the salon in true Hogwarts fashion, with hanging candles and custom house table (watch team) signs. We watched the second movie, and a few dedicated fans stayed to watch the third while working on their oceanography essays. Overall, it was an exhilarating and eventful day. Thats all for today, folks. Goodnight!