Location: Les Saintes

The morning began with fresh chocolate croissants purchased by Beaker and Whitney during their early morning jog to the beach onshore. After breakfast, the crew all took their midterms for the nautical science course, and everyone passed with flying colors! Now, everyone aboard holds the International Crew Certificate as issued by International Yachtmaster Training. After the exam, it was a well-earned day of rest and relaxation for the Ocean Star crew. The crew went ashore to enjoy all the French islands of Les Saintes had to offer. First, it was internet and phone calls to home. Then, it was on to sampling the crepes, ice cream, and paninis offered by the local cafes. A walk to explore the beaches and an attempt at discovering the abandoned forts on the island was the next undertaking, followed, of course, by more ice cream and crepes. We can’t even begin to convey how delicious the “creme de glace” is here! Tonight, it was a great dinner of chicken teriyaki, rice, and salad, followed by an oceanography class. At nine o’clock, we’re all beat and ready to hit the sack early in anticipation of another full day tomorrow.