Location: Underway to BVI

Today, we woke up very excited for diving the Cheng Tong wreck and the Stenapa dive site in Statia. As we had breakfast, everybody packed their lunch to take to the dive boat. We got the scuba gear ready and rode the dingy to the dive boat where we met Micael and Celine, our dive instructors for this site. The dive was amazing, and we got to see barracudas, stingrays, lobsters, turtles, and tons of different fish. After the first tank, we had some time to explore the island and eat lunch before we got ready for the second dive, which was also great! The site was a sunken ship, and we got to explore around and on top of it where we saw an incredible amount of different coral and species, as we ascended we saw an eagle ray from up above which made the dive even cooler!

As the day went by, we came back to ocean star and had a delicious dinner that Carter, Trey, and Mariah prepared continued by a nice cleanup, we secured for 40/40 to go on our way back to the BVI’s in a night passage.

PS: I don’t have a phone, it fell in the sea. But everything is great! I’ll see you all when I get back! – Lina