Location: Cartagena

The thrill of a big boat sailing in a strong breeze, powerful ocean swell, and good company has made for a great day.

Add to that the excitement of heading towards South America, and you start to get an idea of the mood onboard today.
With waves crashing all around, we took it in turns today to pretend that we were ocean racers, barreling down the faces of brilliant blue cresting waves. As often happens amongst sailors, some friendly rivalry ensued when the boat was going well, and Jack ended up taking the speed record for the leg. He maxed out somewhere above 13 knots: a humble victor, and gentleman as always. In his own words, ” It truly was….. CChhhampagne sailing.”
We hope to find shelter and a safe anchorage in Cartagena tonight. We have exciting plans to learn Salsa dancing, explore the local street food, and find out something about the history and culture tomorrow.
All for now. Hi Mum!

1. “Just don’t look behind you,” Sahil going fast. Guided by a sense of adventure, intuition, and a very low tech piece of bin bag seen in the top left of the picture.
2. Captain Ben and student Ben enjoying the fast ride.
3. “Frog in your throat??” Here is a flying fish that crash-landed on deck. Once the host died, this creepy passenger tried to escape like a scene out of a sci-fi horror movie.


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