Location: Underway to Fernando de Noronha

We awoke to another beautiful morning in Saint Helena. The sun was out, and we enjoyed delicious carrot bread for breakfast and were ready to begin the day. Today was a free day where we could venture out to the shore and explore on our own, hang out on Argo, or go scuba diving.
Those who were previously scuba certified had the option to go on two dives in Saint Helena. It took a little while to work out the kinks for the first dive. However, once deep below the surface, they explored an open cave where they saw thousands of butterflyfish and a devil ray. They came back for lunch on Argo and prepared for the second dive. On the way out to the second dive site, the Argo crew spotted a school of about 200 dolphins playing in the water and feeding on fish. During the dive, they explored a shipwreck and spotted a turtle. On the way back, someone saw a whale shark just beneath the dive boat, so everyone jumped in with their masks and got yet another chance to be up close and personal with the whale shark.
The rest of us had a very relaxing day onshore and aboard Argo. Some people went to shore bright and early, while most of us did a little studying in the morning and headed to shore after lunch. It was our last chance to climb Jacob’s Ladder and check in with family and friends before our second big departure. Most importantly, we made some stops at the market to get plenty of watch snacks to ensure everyone had their sugar fill during long night watches for the upcoming passage. While waiting for our dinghies to bring us back to Argo, we were met with a group of Saint Helenian school kids getting ready to board a whale-watching boat. Field trips in Saint Helena mean swimming with whale sharks. Why didn’t I get to do that when I was in school?
Four-thirty finally rolled around, and it was time to begin passage prep. We took off the sail covers, attached the halyards, fastened the dinghies, double-checked our instruments, and prepared the galley and saloon for an ocean crossing. We enjoyed our last dinner in Saint Helena, finished a few last-minute preparations, and pulled up anchor around 8 pm. The winds were light, the skies clear, and we enjoyed getting back to the beautiful stars of the open ocean.