Location: Great Harbour Peter, British Virgin Islands

And so it began, finals week started with an Oceanography exam early this morning. The students are happy to be tied securely to the mooring for the next few days because this leaves them with plenty of time to concentrate on some last-minute studying. All is well here in Great Harbor, Peter, but it is surprisingly quiet. There are very few vessels in the anchorage to keep us company, but this is great because we don’t have to worry too much about being too loud during the late-night deck dance parties. The dishy pit gets pretty wild if you add music to the cleaning process. After eating lunch, the students split into three dive groups and headed out to dive the wreck of the Fearless. The Fearless was rumored to be the sister ship of Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso, and in 1986 was intentionally sunk unintentionally at this site. Originally, Fearless was to be sunk at Truck Reef about a half-mile away, but sometimes ships don’t always sink as planned. When she finally went down, she settled right next to a large coral wall just outside Great Harbor on Peter Island. The visibility was a bit challenging today, which lead one group to accidentally find the wreck of the Willy T, which used to be an old floating bar. Luckily, that wreck is only a few fin kicks away from the Fearless, and they managed to run into it on the way back to the dive mooring. The groups had a great dive in all, and just before all the dive kit was put away, our Captain Eric snuck off to stage a rescue scenario. Suddenly the students noticed the flailing arms of a helpless, panicked diver and quickly jumped into action to rescue our desperate Captain. He was quite the challenge to reel in as he was difficult to calm down, but he finally became exhausted, and the students successfully completed their first rescue scenario by dragging him back on board and checking him out. It was a good thing that they managed to get him aboard in the end because after dinner was eaten, we celebrated his 27th birthday. It was another great day down here in the land of perpetually awesome weather. Who could have predicted that?