Location: West End, Tortola, B.V.I

This morning we woke to the beautiful scenery of Great Harbour, Peter Island, for the last time of the trip. After a quick breakfast, we slipped the mooring and started on our last motor down the Drake channel. Jared was at the helm for most of the trip and even drove the boat on the dock (the first time I’ve ever seen a shipmate do this….very impressive!). Once on the dock, we began our day of boat appreciation, giving back to Ocean Star for delivering us safely across the eastern Caribbean. We got on our knees, and scrubbed floors washed the deck, and made Ocean Star sparkle like a new boat. After a hard day of work, we are showered and in our finest clothes for dinner out at the Fish n’ Lime. I’ve had such an amazing time with this crew, and they will be sincerely missed on Ocean Star.