Location: Slipway, English Harbor, Antigua

Day 6 began at 7 o’clock as it does most mornings. As everyone began to wake up, we could smell the breakfast burritos cooking in the galley. After a great breakfast, we cleaned up and began the day. Certified divers got to explore the shore for much needed free time. And those of us getting our Open water certification had a class on RDPs, which is where we learn how to calculate how long at different depths we can stay underwater and what safety precautions we need to take when diving. At first, when we saw the chart, everyone was a little overwhelmed, but once it was broken down into steps, we got it easily. Then we took our written exam and got ready for lunch. After an early lunch of lentil daal and sweet potatoes, the first dive group went out for the 3rd and 4th dive and finished their certification. After the 2nd dive group went for there dives, everyone on board is now certified!! After showers and a dive logging party, some people went to the galley and watched Matt kill a ton of flies and worked on their Marine Biology logbook of all the animals we have seen. After dinner, we all got a small slice of cheesecake, and everyone learned about each other’s favorite teams and bands during the Squeeze and began clean up. Tonight we will have our Intro to the Oceanography class, then probably play cards or watch a movie as we do each night. We are learning so much in a day most people go to sleep pretty early because of pure exhaustion.